Seattle skyline and Mt. Rainier at sunset.

Seattle Quotes: From Rainy Days to City Lights

Known as the birthplace of Starbucks, grunge music, and Amazon, Washington’s skyline is defined by an iconic, space-age skyline, anchored by the Space Needle. Here are more than 100 Seattle quotes to inspire your travels and caption your photos.

Surrounded by the waters of Elliott Bay, Lake Washington, and Lake Union, Seattle is a vibrant, waterfront city that is a perfect blend of urban excitement and natural beauty. Whether you’ve lived in Seattle your whole life or are visiting the Emerald City for the first time, you’re likely to fall in love with its natural beauty, rich culture, and coffee scene.

So grab an umbrella and let these more than 100 quotes from native Washingtonians, famous visitors, and longtime residents inspire you to visit and help you craft photo and Instagram captions.

Seattle quotes from rainy days to city lights.

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A colorful sunset over a harbor with boats and skyscrapers in Seattle.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Quotes About Falling in Love with Seattle

Seattle is a cosmopolitan city that captivates residents and visitors with its stunning natural beauty and unique culture. With its scenic views and vibrant neighborhoods, Seattle is a special place, and it’s easy to see why Seattle attracts 20 million visitors annually. 

“I love Seattle. I couldn’t be anywhere else.”
Lauren Jackson, Australian professional basketball player who played for the Seattle Storm

“I have a fond place in my heart for Seattle.”
Magic Johnson, American professional basketball player

“I miss Seattle a lot. It was my first city that I lived in on my own. It was a great city to play for… in the back of my mind, I still have a thing for Seattle and always am going to remember what they’ve done for me.”
Kevin Durant, American professional basketball player

“It’s hard not to fall in love with Seattle on a beautiful summer’s day.”
Robert Spector, American customer experience expert and author

“Unfortunately Seattle is my muse, for the better or worse of Seattle I’m not sure.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

“My wife and I just prefer Seattle. It’s a beautiful city. Great setting. You open your front door in the morning and the air smells like pine and the sea, as opposed to bus exhaust.”
Ron Reagan, American liberal political commentator and broadcaster

“Seattle has been chosen America’s best in many categories including the best bicycling city, the most livable, best city to locate a business, best hotels, and the best place to visit.”
Ray Chatelin, travel writer

A sunbeam shines over the seattle skyline on a cloudy day.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Quotes About Seattle Weather

Seattle is known for overcast days and plenty of rain. But the damp and drizzly climate results in the lush greenery behind the city’s nickname, the Emerald City. If you know what to expect – and arrive with a rain jacket and umbrella you just may find that Seattle’s wet weather is part of its charm. 

“Seattle has one season: rain.”

“Outside, the rains had come, the rains that like a blizzard of guppies would pelt the creaky old house until spring. There is no weeping that can compete with the northwest rains.” 
Tom Robbins, American novelist

“You know you’re from Seattle when even amid perhaps the worst crisis you’ve ever faced, you can still appreciate a sunny day.”
Melanie A. Smith, author

“In Seattle, they have a saying: ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and then shoot yourself in the face.” 
Doug Benson, an American comedian and actor

“Seattle was a rabid film town in the 70s and 80s because it rained so much.”
John Requa, American screenwriter

“Seattle enjoys a temperate, generally cool climate with four distinct seasons, few extremes, and an average of fifty-eight days bathed in full sun.”
Allen Cox, American radio and TV personality

“All those ninnies have it wrong. The best thing about Seattle is the weather. The world over, people have ocean views. But across our ocean is Bainbridge Island, an evergreen curb, and over it the exploding, craggy, snow-scraped Olympics. I guess what I’m saying: I miss it, the mountains and the water.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

A bench with a view of the seattle skyline.
Photo Credit: Canva.

“Summertime in Seattle is magic, but Seattle’s winters are dark, dark, dark.” 
Cecile Andrews, co-founder of Seattle’s Phinney Ecovillage, a neighborhood-based sustainable community

“Summer in Seattle allows me to indulge in some of the region’s top culinary delights.”
Tom Douglas, author

“She was back in western Washington state, where rain was so prevalent that a day of sunshine was the lead story on the local news.”
Susan Mallery, American author

“Everyone in Seattle is a total pussy when it comes to snow. The whole city shut down, the place looked like an apocalyptic movie.”
Hamilton Leithauser, American singer and songwriter

“He was actually quite fond of Seattle’s weather, and not merely because of its ambivalence. He liked its subtle, muted qualities and the landscape that those qualities encouraged if not engendered: vistas that seemed to have been sketched with a sumi brush dipped in quicksilver and green tea. It was fresh, it was clean, it was gently primal, and mystically suggestive.”
 Tom Robbins, American novelist

“On the mainland, a rain was falling. The famous Seattle rain. The thin, gray rain that toadstools love. The persistent rain that knows every hidden entrance into collar and shopping bag. The quiet rain that can rust a tin roof without the tin roof making a sound in protest. The shamanic rain that feeds the imagination. The rain that seems actually a secret language, whispering, like the ecstasy of primitives, of the essence of things.”
Tom Robbins, American novelist

“In Seattle, residents brag about their bookstores. It’s sad that’s because it rains a lot and during the winter there’s nothing else to do but read.”
Ray Chatelin, travel writer

“There is no day in the year when it is too hot or too cold to work or get around, few when one cannot be outside, walking or gardening, in a boat, playing tennis or golf, fishing. Seattle’s colors are gray and green.”
Roger Sale, American literary critic and author

“Gigantic puffy clouds, welcoming, forgiving, repeating infinitely across the horizon as if between mirrors; and slices of rain, pounding wet misery in the distance now, but soon on us, and in another part of the sky, a black stain, rainless.
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

Chewing gum on a pole in a city.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Quotes About Seattle Culture

From grunge music to its tech industry, Seattle’s culture is diverse, innovative, and constantly evolving. Whether you’re a coffee lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or an art aficionado, you’ll find that there are plenty of cultural things to do in Seattle.

“Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to sacrifice their wild nature to attain it.”
Kimberly Kinrade, author

“Seattle is known for grunge musicians. Lots of hair, lots of sweat. That word, ‘grunge’ just turns me on, something fierce.”
Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Chains as Nona Weisbaum, The Nona Tapes

“Few downtowns compare with Seattle for its diversity. Many of us locals describe life in Seattle with the old cliche, ‘having the best of both worlds.”
Cheryl Landes, travel writer

“Seattle has the country’s highest percentage rate of residents with a college degree and one of the highest rates of home Internet access.”
Ray Chatelin, travel writer

“Seattle and the Puget Sound region should be a happy place to live, with so many of its inhabitants with academic degrees.”
Gregory L. Jantz, mental health expert and best selling author

“While most people in Seattle are helpful and outgoing, you’ll notice a layer of reticence when meeting strangers.”
Maria Christensen, Danish singer/songwriter

“Seattle is not an overly friendly city. It is a civil city, but not altogether friendly. People from outside mistake the civility for friendliness. Seattle is full of people who have their own lives to live. They won’t waste their time being friendly. But they are civil.”
Jonathan Raban, British travel writer, playwright, and novelist

Photograph - seattle public market at dusk by robert mcdonald.
Photo Credit: Canva.

“Seattle is a festival city, with every month having a major event or activity.”
Ray Chatelin, travel writer

“To some extent, Seattle remains a frontier metropolis, a place where people can experiment with their lives, and change and grow and make things happen.”
Tom Robbins, American novelist

“I really enjoy doing theater, but doing theater in Seattle is like dropping a brick in a bottomless well. It’s gratifying, but it’s almost like doing radio. It’s ephemeral.”
Dan Savage, American author, journalist, and LGBT community activist

“Seattle is a liberal city.”
Jonathan Raban, British travel writer, playwright, and novelist

“They hit us, we hit ’em back, harder. That’s the Seattle way.” 
Dan Schneider, American television producer, screenwriter, and actor

“And Seattle isn’t really crazy anymore. It’s a big dot-com city.”
Krist Novoselic, American musician best known for co-founding the rock band Nirvana

“No matter how long I live in Seattle, I am constantly amazed at the variety of the city.”
Peter Donahue, Villanova University’s 32nd president

I have a found place in my heart for seattle.

“Those East Coast rich kids are a different breed, on a fast track to nowhere. Your friends in Seattle are downright Canadian in their niceness. None of you has a cell phone. The girls wear hoodies and big cotton underpants and walk around with tangled hair and smiling, adorned backpacks. Do you know how absolutely exotic it is that you haven’t been corrupted by fashion and pop culture? A month ago I mentioned Ben Stiller, and do you remember how you responded? ‘Who’s that?’ I loved you all over again.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

“Seattle is like a global gumbo, a melting pot with all kinds of people – the rich, the poor, white people, some Chinese, Filipino, Jewish and black people they’re all here.”
Quincy Jones, American record and television producer

“When I grew up in Seattle, by the way, in the 70s, it was a fishing village. There were loggers and fishers and my dad had a sewer company and it wasn’t the way Seattle is now. Culturally, it was very different back then.”
Rainn Wilson, American actor who played Dwight Schrute on The Office

“It’s like a hypnotist put everyone from Seattle into a collective trance. ‘You are getting sleepy, when you wake up you will want to live only in a Craftsman house, the year won’t matter to you, all that will matter is that the walls will be thick, the windows tiny, the rooms dark, the ceilings low, and it will be poorly situated on the lot.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

“In Seattle, I soon found that my radical ideas and aesthetic explorations, ideas and explorations that in Richmond, Virginia, might have gotten me stoned to death with hush puppies, were not only accepted but occasionally applauded.”
Tom Robbins, American novelist

A hand holding a cup of coffee with a heart shaped latte art.
Photo Credit: Sage Scott.

Quotes About Seattle’s Coffee Culture

As the birthplace of Starbucks, Seattle is considered by many to be the origin of America’s modern coffee culture. The global Starbucks chain is undoubtedly the most recognized brand in town, but with some of the best coffee shops in the world, there are many spots to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

“In Seattle, you haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running.”
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

“Seattle has unleashed this weird phenomenon on the world called the coffee shop. And the coffee shop, thanks to Starbucks, is the place where socially isolated, lonely, needy people gather together to ignore one another.”
Mark Driscoll, American author

Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.”
Howard Schultz, American businessman and former CEO of Starbucks

“You’re not awake in Seattle if you haven’t had your coffee.”

“Just the other day, I was in my neighborhood Starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. I was enjoying a chocolatey cafe mocha when it occurred to me that to drink a mocha is to gulp down the entire history of the New World. From the Spanish exportation of Aztec cacao, and the Dutch invention of the chemical process for making cocoa, on down to the capitalist empire of Hershey, PA, and the lifestyle marketing of Seattle’s Starbucks, the modern mocha is a bittersweet concoction of imperialism, genocide, invention, and consumerism served with whipped cream on top.”
Sarah Vowell, American author, journalist, and social commentator

“Starbucks has a role and a meaningful relationship with people that is not only about the coffee.”
Howard Schultz, American businessman and former CEO of Starbucks

An old photograph of a man sitting in front of a vase.
Photo Credit: E.M. Sammis, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Chief Seattle Quotes

The city of Seattle is named for a Suquamish and Duwamish chief. As Americans moved westward and settled on the traditional land of the Coast Salish peoples, Chief Seattle’s words and actions urged them to respect Native American rights and environmental values.

“Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the earth. Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

“Every part of this earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark woods, every clearing, and humming insect is holy in the memory and experience of my people. The sap which courses through the trees carries the memories of the red man.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

“The rivers are our brothers, they quench our thirst. The rivers carry our canoes, and feed our children. If we sell you our land, you must remember, and teach your children, that the rivers are our brothers, and yours, and you must henceforth give rivers the kindness you would give any brother.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

“The air is precious to the red man, for all things share the same breath―the beast, the tree, the man, they all share the same breath. The white man does not seem to notice the air he breathes.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

“The earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

“When the last red man has vanished from this earth, and his memory is only the shade of a cloud moving across the prairie, these shores and forests will still hold the spirits of my people. For they love this earth as the newborn loves its mother’s heartbeat.”
Chief Seattle, Suquamish and Duwamish chief

A field of pink flowers with a mountain in the background.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Quotes About Seattle’s Natural Beauty

Nestled between the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains, Seattle boasts a plethora of lush green spaces, manicured parks, and breathtakingly beautiful scenic vistas that showcase the area’s awe-inspiring natural splendor. 

“At night, what you see is a city, because all you see is lights. By day, it doesn’t look like a city at all. The trees outnumber the houses. And that’s completely typical of Seattle. You can’t quite tell: is it a city, is it a suburb, is the forest growing back?”
Jonathan Raban, British travel writer, playwright, and novelist

“All of these natural wonders contribute to the abundant recreational opportunities that make Seattle a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts.”
Maria Christensen, Danish singer/songwriter

“Here in the corner attic of America, two hours’ drive from a rain forest, a desert, a foreign country, an empty island, a hidden fjord, a raging river, a glacier, and a volcano, is a place where the inhabitants sense they can do no better, nor do they want to.”
Timothy Egan, American author

“To know Seattle one must know its waterfront.”
Mark Sundquist, author

A ferry is traveling on the water with mountains in the background.
Photo Credit: Canva.

“MEREDITH: “Seattle is surrounded by water on three sides.”
DEREK: “Hence the ferryboats. Now I have to like it here. I wasn’t planning on liking it here, since I’m from New York, and am genetically engineered to dislike everywhere except Manhattan. But I do have a thing for ferryboats.”
Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey and Patrick Dempsey as Dr. Derek Shepherd, Grey’s Anatomy

“Seattle is a soft city, made up of soft light, hills, water all conveying a sense that nature is truly accommodating here.”
Roger Sale, American literary critic and author

“With all the water, one of Seattle’s greatest attributes is its miles of waterfront property, shoreline public space, and dramatic water views.”
Allen Cox, American radio and TV personality

“In Seattle, we live among the trees and the waterways, and we feel we are rocked gently in the cradle of life. Our winters are not cold and our summers are not hot and we congratulate ourselves for choosing such a spectacular place to rest our heads.”
Garth Stein, American author and film producer

Seattle skyline with mount rainier in the background.
Photo Credit: Canva.

“The sky in Seattle is so low, it felt like God had lowered a silk parachute over us. Every feeling I ever knew was up in that sky. Twinkling joyous sunlight; airy, giggle cloud wisps; blinding columns of sun. Orbs of gold, pink, flesh, utterly cheesy in their luminosity.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

“When you fly to Seattle on a clear day, it appears that there’s more water than land. It is a city on and of the water.”
Allen Cox, American radio and TV personality

“Seattle is beautiful. You look at the sky and it’s one of the most beautiful skies in the world, and then there’s the Puget Sound, which will hurt you, if you fall into it, but it’s also beautiful. Seattle is a city of contradictions. Within the same city, there’s darkness and light.”
Veena Cabreros-Sud, Canadian-born American television writer, director, and producer

“Seattle, the mild green queen: wet and willing, cedar-scented, and crowned with slough grass, her toadstool scepter tilted toward Asia, her face turned ever upward in the rain; the sovereign who washes her hands more persistently than the most fastidious proctologist.”
Tom Robbins, American novelist

“Seattle was built out on pilings over the sea, and at high tide the whole city seemed to come afloat like a ship lifting free from a mud berth and swaying in its chains.”
Jonathan Raban, British travel writer, playwright, and novelist

“But if you’re looking to be spooked by really tall trees then you’ve got to go to Washington.”
Dar Williams, American pop folk singer-songwriter 

“Hiking in Seattle and the surrounding area is generally safe. Still, you should be prepared.”
Allen Cox, American radio and TV personality

The Seattle skyline is lit up at night.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Song Lyrics About Seattle

Seattle’s spectacular scenery and moody weather have inspired countless artists to pick up their pens and guitars and put their experiences into song. From Jimi Hendrix’s electric guitar riffs to the grunge movement of the 1990s and the indie folk and alternative rock of today, Seattle’s rich history and unique character have been immortalized in music for decades. 

“See, now yesterday I was feeling down
When I came to Seattle
And y’all turned me around
I said, oh, Seattle, do you know what you do?
Hey, yeah, ever all that you’ve done for me
I got a little something for you”
Alicia Augello Cook (known by her stage name Alicia Keys), “I Got a Little Something for You

“Like a summer night in Seattle
When you kiss me under the moonlight.
Let the raindrops fall all around us,
As I sail in the wake of your love.”
Jenna Drey, “Summer Night in Seattle

“Hello Seattle, I am a cold seahorse
Feeling warm in your sand
I sing about the tide and the ocean surf
Rolling in the evening breeze.”
Adam Young, “Hello Seattle

“Seattle is, where I’m goin’
Seattle, the town that shows ’em”
Jim Allchin, “Seattle Strut”

“See them running heading
Homeward to Seattle”
Marcy Playground, “The Shadow of Seattle”

“When it’s sunny in Seattle and it’s snowing down in New Orleans
And them boys from Amarillo stop wearin’ those boots and jeans
When there’s no tequila in Mexico
That’s when I’m gonna let you go”
Blake Shelton, “Sunny in Seattle

Seattle is for people who love culture, but refuse to steal wild nature.

“Seattle seems so long ago and you’re so far away.
I’ve forgotten where my home is, and I’m still counting down the days. 
It’s raining back in London town, somewhere in my brain. 
Is a little piece of my tired mind, it’ll never be the same.”
Deaf Havana, “Seattle

“The bluest skies you’ve ever seen in Seattle
And the hills the greenest green in Seattle
Like a beautiful child growing up free and wild
Full of hopes and full of fears
Full of laughter full of tears
Full of dreams to last the years in Seattle”
Perry Como, “Seattle

“People flocked like cattle to Seattle
After Kurt Cobain
And before him the rain”
Robyn Hitchcock, “Viva! Sea-Tac

“Seattle tides
Seattle tides
This storm isn’t letting up
The current’s too strong for us
All that I need is you
It’s pulling me out too far, now I got left to starve”
Aaron Carter, “Seattle TideZ

“A blue collared man in Seattle
Never lives on white collared street
But there was food on the table
For my Washington woman and me.”
Kenny Rogers, “Shadow in the Corner of Your Mind”

“September in Seattle
Waiting on a train
I smoked my last cigarette
Standing in out of the rain.”
Shawn Mullins, “September in Seattle

“And I thought you might come home this summer
And maybe there will be sun in Seattle”
Jen Foster, “Sun in Seattle

“Seattle – you’ve got to love the rain
And we both love rain
We both love rain
Seattle – I want you just the same
And we both love rain
We both love rain”
Mark Knopfler, “Seattle

“I was walking by the water
My heart full aching sore
The seagulls of Seattle
Wheeled above the shore”
Paul Kelly, “Seagulls of Seattle

“Seattle, I don’t know why
You stand under the clouds expecting to stay dry
Can’t you see the day you’ll ever win
That battle
Is the day they’ll take the rain out of Seattle”
Jason Walker, “Seattle

Seattle skyline at dusk with the space needle in the background.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Other Quotes About Seattle

“Any history of Seattle would be incomplete without acknowledging the important role that local Native Americans played in the city’s history.”
Mark Sundquist, author

“The tourism people have given Seattle the name of Emerald City which, of course, virtually everyone ignores.”
Ray Chatelin, travel writer

“Occasionally you may hear Seattle called Jet City, a reference to Boeing’s influence on the economy.”
DK Travel

“Seattle is a fantastic place to build a great technology-enabled consumer company.”
Dan Levitan, investment banker

“We all came to Seattle in hopes of building better lives. No one said we wouldn’t have to struggle first.”
Regina Scott, author

“All I really had was a suitcase and my drums. So I took them up to Seattle and hoped it would work.”
Dave Grohl, drummer for grunge band Nirvana and founder of the rock band Foo Fighters

“I do love fixing things, and Seattle definitely needs a lot of fixing.”
Gary Locke, 21st governor of Washington

“And it’d be very hard to make up something as strange as the Dutch tulipmania in the seventeenth century, for example. Or the mysterious case of Thomas Clapper. Or the entire civic history of Seattle, Washington.”
Stephen Briggs, British writer

“I think it’s evident that expensive neighborhoods in Seattle are surrounded by natural beauty. That elevates city life. So if we can make cities more attractive in the long run, we can be smarter about issues like development, zoning, and economics.”
Stone Gossard, guitarist and songwriter for the rock band Pearl Jam

To know seattle is to know its waterfront.

“We need a new ethic of place, one that has room for salmon and skyscrapers, suburbs and wilderness, Mount Rainier and the Space Needle, one grounded in history.”
Matthew Klingle, associate professor of history and environmental studies at Bowdoin College

“I was a punk in those days. It was in Seattle. I still have all my teeth too, it’s amazing.”
Meredith Brooks, American singer-songwriter

“Hovering over me was the Chihuly chandelier. Chihulys are the pigeons of Seattle. They’re everywhere and even if they don’t get in your way, you can’t help but build up a kind of antipathy toward them.”
Maria Semple, American novelist and screenwriter

A marina with boats docked in front of a city skyline.
Photo Credit: Canva.

Seattle Quotes for Instagram

Whether you capture a creamy cappuccino, the view from the Space Needle, a rainy day along the waterfront, or another Seattle scene, find inspiration for your photo captions and Instagram posts with these short quotes, catchy captions, and fun puns. 

  • A little rain never hurt nobody
  • Always say yes to Seattle
  • Be like the rain and fall for Seattle
  • Bring on the rain!
  • Catch me in Seattle
  • Cloudy with a chance of coffee
  • Coffee. Rain. Repeat.
  • Coffee + Seattle = my two favorite things
  • Dancing in the rain
  • Don’t forget to dance in the rain
  • Don’t Seattle for anything less than perfect
  • Either you love Seattle, or you’re wrong
  • Emerald City
  • Exploring the Emerald City
  • Find me in Seattle
  • Follow your heart, especially if it takes you to Seattle
  • Good morning, Seattle!
  • Got over my fear of needles by visiting Seattle
  • Greetings from Seattle
  • Home is where Seattle is
  • I can’t stop dreaming a-boat Seattle!
  • I’d rather be in Seattle
  • I don’t care if the glass is half full or half empty, I just want to know: is there coffee in it?
  • I left my heart in Seattle
  • I love you like the rain loves Seattle
  • I really, Chihuly love Seattle
  • I really Pike Seattle
  • I Wheel-y love Seattle
  • In a Seattle state of mind
  • In Seattle, it’s always coffee time
  • In Seattle, it’s a good thing when it rains on our parades
  • It’s a brew-tiful day in Seattle
  • It’s always Rainier in Seattle
  • It’s always sweater weather in Seattle
  • It’s time to Se-attle
It's hard not to fall in love with seattle on a beautiful summer's day.


  • Keep calm, and head to Seattle
  • Let’s get lost in Seattle
  • Life is better in Seattle
  • Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to pass, it’s about learning to live in Seattle
  • Living the Seattle life
  • Made in Seattle
  • May the forest be with you
  • Meet me in Seattle
  • Needle-less to say, I love Seattle’s skyline
  • Now I see why they call it the Emerald City
  • Oh, the rainy city
  • Rain is confetti from heaven and Seattle is the party

Seattle is like a global melting gumbo with all kinds of people.
  • Seattle, Alki you later
  • Seattle always Sounds like a great idea
  • Seattle, I’m yours!
  • Seattle is always a good idea
  • Seattle is for coffee junkies
  • Seattle is more than it ap-piers
  • Seattle is my happy place
  • Seattle is my therapy
  • Seattle is one Amazon city
  • Seattle isn’t just a place, it’s a way of life
  • Seattle, Seattle, be still my heart
  • Seattle state of mind
  • Seattle is tree-mendous!
  • Seattle way of life
  • Seattle, where it rains nine months a year
  • Seattle, you’re on my mind
  • Seattle’s coffee scene is a thing of brew-ty
  • See you in Seattle
  • September in Seattle
  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Sleepless nights and city lights
  • Sleeveless in Seattle
  • Something’s fishy here at Pike Place
  • Spacing out in Seattle
  • Summer in Seattle
  • The coolest people are from Seattle
  • There’s no place like Seattle
  • Welcome to Seattle
  • When it’s raining cats and dogs and you step in a poodle
  • You always said Seattle was beautiful, now I Bellevue
  • You bring the sunshine to Seattle
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a plane ticket to Seattle – and that’s pretty much the same thing
  • You had me at Seattle
  • You’re not officially awake in Seattle until you’ve had coffee

Do You Love Seattle?

What is your favorite thing about the Emerald City? Do you have a favorite quote about Seattle? Is there a Seattle quote missing from this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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