Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Jazz Up Fat Tuesday: Mardi Gras Sayings and Quotes

When Mardi Gras descends on New Orleans, the streets are filled with dazzling floats, the sounds of jazz rhythms, and revelers in glittering costumes. The Mardi Gras sayings and quotes below capture the essence of this iconic celebration, making it easy to caption your favorite Mardi Gras moments and memories.

Whether you call it Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, are celebrating in New Orleans or another corner of the world, the last day before the beginning of Lent is a time to eat, drink, and party. These Mardi Gras sayings and quotes, perfectly capture the spirit of the celebration. Let them transport you to the heart of New Orleans, allowing you to relive your favorite Mardi Gras moments from the past or dream of future celebrations amidst the magic in the Big Easy.

Mardi gras quotes and captions.


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A colorful Mardi Gras mask surrounded by confetti.
Photo Credit: Pixabay.

Mardi Gras Quotes

Whether you’re soaking in the festivities as a local or experiencing the magic as a visitor, Mardi Gras is sure to leave a lasting impression. Let these Mardi Gras quotes from renowned figures help bring the vibrant spirit of New Orleans’ most famous party to life.

“Mardi Gras is in our soul.”
— Kim Priez, senior vice president of tourism at New Orleans & Company

“An American has not seen the United States until he has seen Mardi-Gras in New Orleans.”
Mark Twain, American author born Samuel Clemens, in a letter to Pamela Moffett

“Mardi Gras is a state of mind.” 
— Ed Muniz, an American politician and the former mayor of Kenner, Louisiana

“It’s in our soul to have Mardi Gras.”
— Arthur Hardy, publisher of The Mardi Gras Guide

“There was a change in the air. It was Mardi Gras in New Orleans, after all.” 
Penelope Douglas, bestselling author

“New Orleans is my essence, my soul, my muse.” 
Harry Connick, Jr., American singer, pianist, composer, and actor

“If you love New Orleans, she’ll love you back.” 
Drew Brees, former American football quarterback

“It’s a great party, and anyone who doesn’t enjoy Mardi Gras is not of this world.”
—Franklin Alvarado

“She’s wearing too much glitter.”
— No one ever

Mardi Gras is a state of mind.

“There is no place on Earth even remotely like New Orleans. Don’t even try to compare it to anywhere else.” 
Anthony Bourdain, American celebrity chef

“Mardi Gras is the love of life. It is the harmonic convergence of our food, our music, our creativity, our eccentricity, our neighborhoods, and our joy of living. All at once.”
Chris Rose

“You can live in any city in America, but New Orleans is the only city that lives in you.”
Chris Rose

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
Helen Keller, American author, disability rights advocate, and political activist

“New Orleans is like the bad-kid island in Pinocchio.”
Jonah Hill, American actor

“There are a lot of places I like, but I like New Orleans better.” 
Bob Dylan, American singer-songwriter

“C’mon take me to the Mardi Gras, where the people sing and play.” 
Paul Simon, American singer-songwriter in Take Me to the Mardi Gras

“I spent so many summers and New Years and fun times in New Orleans. It was always a place where I felt I could go and actually let go and enjoy the spirit of something.” 
Sandra Bullock, American actress and producer

“I have a love/hate relationship with the city of New Orleans, which is the strongest kind of relationship.” 
Nicolas Cage, American actor and film producer

“I love New Orleans physically. I love the trees and the balmy air and the beautiful days. I have a beautiful house here.”
Anne Rice, American author

“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.” 
Paris Hilton, American socialite, model, and businesswoman

“There’s a Mardi Gras mambo with a beat/ Join the Chief with the Zulu gang/ And truck on down where the mambo’s swing.”
The Hawketts, Mardi Gras Mambo

Mardi Gras mask, beads, and doubloons on a white background.
Photo Credit: YayImages.

Captions for Showing Off Mardi Gras Beads

Mardi Gras beads and doubloons are far more than mere trinkets — they’re cherished symbols of a timeless tradition. Use these Mardi Gras quotes to artfully show off your collection of “throws” as you caption your favorite Mardi Gras moments.

  • All you need is love and some really nice beads
  • Bead me, please!
  • Beads and beignets — it’s a Mardi Gras party!
  • Beads and bling — it’s a Mardi Gras thing!
  • Beads are a girl’s best friend
  • Beads, bling, and Bourbon Street
  • Beads in the air and doubloons everywhere
  • Beads, masks, and memories
  • Beads or bust
  • Beads or it didn’t happen
  • From bead to shining bead
  • Hey mister, throw me one of those
  • Hit me with your best beads
  • I feel the need, the need for beads
  • I like big beads, and I cannot lie
  • I’m kind of a bead deal
  • It all starts with one bead
I feel the need, the need for beads.
  • Join me in a quest for beads
  • Just bead it
  • Keep calm and throw on
  • Let’s throw down
  • Nothing beads Mardi Gras
  • Nothing says Mardi Gras more than Bourbon Street and beads
  • Ok, but first, beads!
  • On Tuesday, we wear beads
  • Party on, and scramble for beads
  • Pass the beads
  • She who leaves a trail of glitter and beads is never forgotten
  • Shine bright like a diamond
  • The bold, the beaded, and the beautiful
  • The more beads, the better
  • The one with the most beads wins
  • Throw me somethin’
  • What’d you do to get those doubloons?
  • Will do bad deeds for plastic beads
  • Will drink for beads
A king cake decorated with beads and purple, gold, and green icing.
Photo Credit: Pixabay.

Mardi Gras Sayings About Food and Drinks

No Mardi Gras celebration is complete without indulging in the rich flavors of New Orleans’ cuisine. From spicy crawfish to sweet king cake, the food and drinks of Mardi Gras are deliciously binge-worthy. Let these sayings help you express the joy of Mardi Gras feasting, whether you’re savoring a beignet or toasting with a Hurricane.

  • Beignet, done that
  • Clamoring for crawfish
  • Confetti in my hair, cocktail in my hand
  • Creole cuisine is my love language
  • Day drinking in the streets
  • Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we fast
  • Feed me crawfish and tell me I’m pretty
  • Getting dirty with rice
  • I found the baby!
  • If you are what you eat, then call me shrimp
  • It’s beignet a while
  • I’ve beignet waiting for this day all year!
  • Jammin for jambalaya
A po' boy sandwich made with fried shrimp.
  • King cake bakes me crazy!
  • King cake calories don’t count
  • Let the gumbo games begin
  • Let them eat king cake
  • Mardi craw
  • Not pictured: all the shrimp I ate
  • Pass the beignets, it’s Mardi Gras!
  • Po’ boys before boys
  • Po’ boys > boys
  • Pour me a Mardi-rita
  • Pour me something, mister
  • Red beans, rice, and everything nice
  • Rock you like a Pat O’Brien’s hurricane
  • Shrimp and rice and everything nice
  • Sip, sip, hooray!
  • So many sweeties, but King takes the cake
  • Some dream of king cake, others bake it happen
  • Sweet dreams are made of king cake
  • The beignet took this photo
  • There’s nothing a little king cake can’t fix
  • Time to get your gumbo on
  • Welcome to the jungle: we got cake and beads
  • When can you have king cake and cocktails for breakfast? Mardi Gras!
  • You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy king cake — and that’s pretty much the same thing
A float in a Mardi Gras parade.
Photo Credit: Pixabay.

Other Great Mardi Gras Captions for Instagram

Ready to share your Mardi Gras moments with the world? These Instagram captions are perfect for showcasing your festive spirit. Whether you’re dancing in the streets or marching in the parade, these captions will add that extra sparkle to your posts.

  • A little party never killed nobody
  • Beale Street Squad
  • Belle of the Boom Boom
  • Big fun in the Big Easy
  • Bons temps in the Big Easy
  • Bringing Bourbon to my street
  • Bringing the Big Easy to me
  • Call me Cajun
  • Catch me in the French Quarter
  • Confetti hair, don’t care
  • Everywhere else, it’s just Tuesday
  • Fat Tuesday for the win
  • Fat Tuesday: I’ve been training for this!
  • Fat Tuesday is my favorite weekday
  • ‘Fit for a king
  • ‘Fit for a queen
  • Float on
  • Girls just wanna have fun
  • Go big, or go home
  • Goodbye reality, hello Mardi Gras!
  • Got a lil’ Cajun in my soul
  • Having’ a ball at the Boom Boom
  • Having a ball at Mardi Gras
  • Here’s to the wild ones — the float-riders, the bead-catchers, the band-marchers — you’re what Mardi Gras is all about
  • I am the parade
  • I wanna be loved Bayou
  • In a Mardi Gras state of mind: nothing but beads and happiness
  • It’s a Mardi Gras thing, you wouldn’t understand
  • It’s been a blur of fun
  • It’s Carnival time!
  • It’s Fat Tuesday somewhere
  • It’s good to be king
  • It’s the most wonderful Tuesday of the year
Mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras mardi gras.
  • Laissez les bons temps rouler!
  • Leave a little sparkle wherever you go
  • Let’s get this Mardi started
  • Life of the Mardi
  • Lookin’ snazzy, feelin’ jazzy
  • Makin’ Mardi Gras magic
  • Mardi animal
  • Mardi Gras: a party of the people, for the people, and by the people
  • Mardi Gras is always a good idea
  • Mardi on
  • May the spirit of Mardi Gras shine on in your soul
  • Meet you on Bourbon Street
  • My favorite color is glitter
  • My favorite Tuesday of the year!
  • My krewe de Gras
  • My Mardi krewe!
The only Tuesday that matters is Fat Tuesday.
  • New year, new me — right after Mardi Gras
  • Peace, love, and Mardi Gras parties
  • Ready for parades and party vibes
  • Ready to make bad decisions
  • Ready to Mardi my Gras off!
  • Remind me to delete these photos when I have kids
  • Rue Bourbon
  • Slay, Mardi Gras queen
  • The masked and the beautiful
  • The only Tuesday that matters is Fat Tuesday
  • Time to get jazzy
  • We don’t hide crazy, we parade it down the street
  • What happens on Bourbon, stays on Bourbon
  • What happens on the float, stays on the float
  • When I walk in the room, I make the whole place shimmer
  • Yass, Mardi Gras queen!
  • You had to be there
  • You have to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans at least once

What’s Your Favorite Mardi Gras Quote?

Do you have a favorite Mardi Gras saying or quote? Is there a clever Mardi Gras caption that perfectly sums up your festive spirit? I’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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